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Best Healer PVE!

Hello i main templar healer and have been told i am good at it as im only Vet 11 but i keep my team alive through the hardest of dungeons. I support my team using communication and co-operation. Now, im looking for a PVE team pref vet 14-16 to grind some dungeons. I'm currently Vet 11 and leveling fast, i will be Vet 16 before you know it. My main set is seducar/engineers 5 light 2 heavy. -=-=- MESSAGE ME -=-=- Contact --> --> IGN: Whatsyourlimit Console: PS4 Server: EU PSN: WhatsYourLimit94
  • Pugnado
    what alliance are you?
  • WhatsYourLimit
    Pugnado wrote: »
    what alliance are you?

  • Mandrel8
    Either of you two looking to group for Craglorn?
  • WhatsYourLimit
    Yeh i am now Vet 16 currently trying to get my 3 peice willpower vet16 jewls and vet 16 engineers... its near impossible now to do darkshade. im looking for a team who can do darkshade runs. i really need the helmet in vet 16.
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