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[PC][EP] - Looking for people to play with

Hello Everybody,

I just came back to the game, hoping to find some people to group up with for dungeons or questing/grinding. I play on PC and my characters are in the Ebonheart Pact, info about them below. I have max characters created so I won't be creating a new one however I have a couple at low level that I'd be willing to partner up with people on. Please get in touch with me here or in game @Skaeth

Level 11 Templar - Healer
Level 11 Dragonknight - Tank
VR1 Nightblade - DPS

Other chars are for storage so these are the 3 that I'm working on now, the healer is my primary focus at the moment.
  • Artfuldodger
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  • Skaeth
    Thanks for the reply, I already posted in the PC NA forum prior to this one, so far no responses.

    I'm trying to hit all avenues here by looking for both individuals and guilds.

    The reason I quit the game last time was because I couldn't find anybody to play with in game. I did not try the forums or reddit in my prior attempt however so this time I'm giving it a better go around.

    Made my healer on the weekend with hopes of being able to find dungeon groups but so far I haven't had any luck finding a group for FG.
  • Allyhoo811
    You can also trying looking for an active guild by hanging around your alliance's capital city (so in your case Mournhold in Dashaan). Active guilds looking for new recruits often post messages in zone chat there.

    Also try to remember that there might not be a lot players leveling new characters in the starter areas on PC right now, so finding people to do a low level dungeon might be a challenge. Most PC players have been around for a long time and are busy playing the new Imperial City content or trying to level all there alts up to the new level cap (VR16). Players who are starting new characters also tend to grind there way to max level as opposed to doing quests/dungeons because the XP is better. But because dungeons scale now, even if you don't get to complete FG at it's intended level, you will still be able to get it done later on, especially when it comes up in the daily pledge rotation :)

  • Skaeth
    I appreciate the response, I've been looking in game as well but it's difficult to find a guild that actually follows through on things. I've joined a couple who sweet talked me into joining with promises of help or social interaction only to find that nobody even replies to anything I say in them, ever. I'm not one to beg but I've been shouting in various zones for 3 days now and I came back with the intention of finding other people to play with.

    I understand there may be a lack of players leveling new characters at this point but the sheer amount of skill points I'll miss if I skip all the dungeon/quest content would probably make me want to quit again.

    Additionally, I can't get any groups on my V1 NB either. I get it that V1 isn't exactly endgame but how long do I have to solo in this game in order to find people to play with?

    If I can't find people to play with I have to say that this will be my last attempt at eso which is sad because I really want to love this game but I don't want to solo all the way to VR16, that's not why I play mmo games.

    Really hoping I find some people or a good guild that step up to the plate and either offer to group up with me, or at the very least, help me out with completion on my way to endgame.
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