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The Fall of Crafting

  • Mansome
    Seriously I think you all are complaining too much about crafting. It could be a lot worse. Try Aion's crafting. Where you have a 20% chance of the item you make becoming greater output which is needed for the next recipe. Basically to get the item you want you have to get the greater output proc 5 or more times in a row just to make the item wanted. You farm for months only to have all your mats blow up if you get a streak of bad luck.

    Whats even worse than is Archage's crafting system. Think aions but even more intense. You literally have to farm for it, and I do mean farm for it. I mean buy the land, plant the seeds, buy the animals, grow the materials, mine the ore. Then if you mess around and dont secure it another player can just steal it. Then when you finally can start making something with the mats you have to use the lower tier mats to then proc to greater output to be usable in the next level tiers recipe. So by end game you have proc something crazy like 10 times in a row. And worst of all you a limited amount of action points you can use to craft stuff that must regenerate.

    So yeah I am very grateful we have items that let us proc on demand in elder scrolls. Right now the only really screwed up thing here is still how long enchanting takes to level up. Everything else is just fine. At VR16 there is nothing else left to level to so it should take forever and a year to make 1 piece of gear. As far as the glass thing goes, its not like gear made from this has like double stats on it or something. Its just something to look cool in, its nothing game changing so if it takes 10,000 pieces to make one piece of gear so be it. Its not like you have anything else to work towards right now.
  • Swindy
    code65536 wrote: »
    Mauz wrote: »
    code65536 wrote: »
    So test your build with VR14 gear. If you like how it turns out, then make it VR15 and, later, VR16. You wouldn't test a build or set combination at purple or gold quality, so why would you do a similar test at VR15/16? Think of VR15/16 as just another tier of quality, just as purple and gold are tiers of quality.

    Ok so it's an improvement that the effort to craft max level gear is 300x more than before. Got it. And it's better that the quality doesnt really matter. The thing is to craft it at all. Sounds resonable. And I'll not be able to collect enough mats to craft even the lowest qualty VR15 gear before I hit VR16. VR16 gear I'll NEVER EVER be able to craft because I have a live beside this game and I'll NEVER be able to get enough mats to craft even the lowest gear quality. Well fine, I got that too. Let's play pvp with VR14 gear then. Oh...that's not fun? Then quit the game, it's not for you! Got that too.

    Oh boy some ppl just seem to have nothing to do in their lives beside sitting in front of a computer game. The longer I'm here the more I get the impression that this game has really not been made for me. I was a big fan of the elderscrolls series from the beginning and this really make me sad. It just becomes nothing more than an insane time sink in all aspects :(
    Um, this thread is about the "fall" of crafting.

    And in any case, it's still far less of a grind than trying to get five pieces of one of the new dropped sets from vWGT or vICP, and it's the reason why more people are using crafted gear post-update than they were pre-update.
    This ^^.

    Spent a while crafting gear last night, their mats, my effort only...I even "donated" two malachite ingots (wrong word?) for a guy to see me craft his Hist Bark outfit complete, after he (& his serious DPS mate) had tanked me through the sewers for a few hours. I'd never had so much fun in that cess pool lol.

    Serious tank using crafted all in that's the kind of crafting makes me feel good I research & decon & farm & grind.
    II Swindy II

    Australian on Xbox NA (ex EU)
  • NobleNerd
    NobleNerd wrote: »
    There are no specialization paths a crafter can take to make his product different from a few others. There is nothing in depth about crafting that requires forethought and planning..... it is plain and simple.


    Agreed. Crafting does not feel special at all anymore. At first it was motif and researched traits, but now every 9 trait blacksmith is the same as every other 9 trait blacksmith. Waste of time, money, skill points, and effort to try and distinguish yourself in the ESO:TU community via crafting. The best you can hope for is to join a guild that needs crafting services and be used like a mule, sadly.

    This is how I have been feeling as my crafter has become maxed out. Recently I just stopped trying to go further, besides never been a fan of the glass look anyways.
    ~a mature gaming community~
  • andryuhav
    I love crafting the way it is. Crafting sets are pretty much comparable with PVE-sets, and with the prices on v16 mats it takes pretty much the sime effort to gear up.
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