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Looking for a guild that does or will help with dungeons

Hello Everybody,

So I came back to the game on this previous weekend after a long break. The reason I quit before was that it was taking upwards of 3-4 hours to find dungeon groups on my V1 Nightblade (DPS). I tried both the LFG tool (clearly broken) as well as shouting but never had much luck. I got to thinking about it and I never really had a good guild to help me along so maybe that was the main problem.

That said, I've created a new Templar (lvl 11 so far - going healer) and I'm hoping to find a good guild that's interested in doing dungeons along the way. In addition, I'd really love to at least complete the dungeons I missed on my V1 NB as well for the skill points.

If there are any guilds out there that have a heavy focus on dungeons/raids that would be willing to either join me along the way or help me out with completion I would be very grateful. I love pretty much everything about this game aside from how difficult it is to find dungeon groups. I don't mind the quest grind but without some dungeons or just general grouping it becomes stale so I would really love to find some like minded people to play with.

I am generally available to play evenings and weekends (work 8-5pst). My account name is Skaeth so either get in touch with me here or in game. I currently only have 2 guilds, one is social and the other is trading. I have not committed to a full time PvE/PvP guild yet because I want to find the right one this time around.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to finding the right guild.
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