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Seeking RP NA/ Xbox One AD guild.

Soul Shriven
So for the longest time I have RP'd in rpg games as well as MMO's. It has almost always been the type that you write out or play in your head, but now that I'm playing on the console, I find myself longing for my old habits. I have a few characters but the only one I want to rp is my lvl 12 Khajiit NB in the Aldmeri Dominion. (I admit most of my time on this character has been spent fishing so his lvl has been slowly growing.)
I'd like too join a Guild of people who rp in the dominion and would be able to be patient with me while I adapt too speaking for a rp. I absolutely love Elder Scrolls and would like too say I know more about lore then the average Elder Scrolls gamer. But I know I still have a lot too learn about TES, that being said, I know enough about the Khajiit too feel comfortable roleplaying one, and I have already developed a story and personality for my character.
"Truth falls like a cold rain, carving many channels in the mud.
My truth is different from the Dunmer's, yet both are still true." - Walks-in-Ash
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