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No longer loads through Steam?


Some unknown reason from which I cannot figure out, the game now no longer loads through Steam. I cannot get the launcher to open in Steam, but I can outside of Steam. Yes, I know use the game with the launcher, but that defeats the point why I bought it within Steam you know, so I am wondering if any else has the same problem and or knows a fix on how to get the game back loading in Steam.

I press play, Steam friends shows me playing and then I am back online not playing anything and the launcher does not even load for me, so I am confused.

I have completely reinstalled the game from fresh a few times and still the problem!

I've done all the trouble shooting and the game is fine, apart from the stupid crash which cannot be explained... Riding along and crashes and I write EVERY single time the same thing what I was doing for this to happen, and yet the issue has plagued me and no trouble shooting helps.

So, how can I get this to load back in Steam? The Steam community does not know either!

Kind Regards
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