cannot log in to rivenspire

I keep multiple alts there and none of them can log in. I can log in toons that are in other zones such as craglorn and AD zones, but tried 4 different toons in rivenspire none can log in. approx 1:40 est NA server PC
  • aidenmoore
    I am currently in Rivenspire and I am experiencing high latency issue. Not just me though, so many others mention it in the zone chat. I guess Rivenspire having some kind of issue right now.
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  • thebigtom
    Rivenspire is completely unplayable atm. Long load times, huge lag. Same on every version of the game its on every technical support forum xbox/ps4/pc. Yet no response from ZOS with an estimated fix time. Pull your finger out and acknowledge the issue for people and say what you're doing about it cause this is ridiculous for people trying to do stuff in this zone.
  • dennissomb16_ESO
    thx for the information guys. Just tried again 5 hours later and still unable to log any toons into rivenspire
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