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Crossfire support since windows 10 and/or some patch (imp city?)

Hello everyone,

For some time now I've played this game perfectly fine with 2 270x's in crossfire. I stopped playing the game for a few months, got my free upgrade to windows 10, installed some patches with Imperial city and whatnot, got back in the game and noticed that many characters were just...floating eyeballs with flying swords that would attack me out of nowhere. My own characters would also do this, and believe me, when you're trying to get some quests done or RP with a few mates, it's really bloody annoying....
I repaired the client (nothing was broken), I reinstalled the game, booted the game back up and still the problem was there.
Now I'm really familiar with all the weird little quircks crossfire or SLI can have, but I've always played ESO perfectly fine so I didn't think crossfire was causing it. But when I turned off Crossfire in the CCC, I suddenly had all the characters just the way they're supposed to be.

In conclusion, Crossfire support is broken at this point and I would love to see it back working, because running on a single graphics card literally halfs the games performance (talking about first world problems....)

I didn't see any posts or threads about this since BETA, so I figured I'd make a new one and let you guys know.

Cheers, Para.
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  • Elder_III
    I had similar issues with my R9 295x2, coupled with Windows 10 and the IC update. Using the latest AMD BETA Drivers fixed the issue for me. The crossfire scaling is worse then it used to be (the same collective ~20% loss of FPS everywhere that all 4 of my rigs have since IC came out), but at least I don't have invisible characters etc.
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