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Near constant CTDs

Soul Shriven
Since upgrading to Windows 10, I've had lots of CTDs while playing this game.

I don't know why they're happening. I've tried turning off all my addons, *** with my overclock, even turning my overclock off, nothing really changed it. I shrugged my shoulders and resigned myself to it, since they were only happening about once or twice every play session and I was sure that whatever was causing them would work itself out eventually if I waited, though I was a tiny bit peeved when I missed out on Dolmen or Dungeon loot because of a CTD.

Then, I went to Elden Root. And the crashes just took over.

Now, I can't play. I can't leave the city. I can't do anything. The game loads up fine and I can get in and control my character but within two minutes, before I can make it to the wayshrine or run out of the city it crashes to the desktop without an error message, only a "submit this to Zenimax" window. I don't know what to do and I feel like I'm out of options when it comes to fixing it on my own knowledge.
  • Mindquad
    Soul Shriven
    I'm having the exact same issue. Longest i've gone without a crash may have been 25min. Simply don't know what to do either. It's frustrating when I finally have some time to play I can't.
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