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Selene's Web Difficulty

We did the normal pledge tonight, which was Selene's Web. Set at V16 with 4 V16 players. We were unable to finish the last boss, it seemed like the adds were spawning really quickly. By the time we got the boss to 30% health there were 20+ adds hitting us from all sides, even though we were killing some as we went.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried it on V16 and had a similar experience. It may have been our group, but I never remember having that much difficulty beating it.
  • SaltyWorley
    I did Selene's Web (normal) last night as well with a group composed of a VR7, 2 VR2, and 1 VR1 (the VR2 was the leader and thus it was at VR2 level). We had exactly the same problem. The bosses up to that point were tough but do-able. We tried Selene 4 or 5 times and had the same experience. We'd get her through the web, kill the spider, and when she turned into a human, there were a huge number of adds shooting arrows from every direction. Try as we might, we couldn't clear them and inevitably one of us would die, sending us into a group death spiral (it's almost impossible to revive someone since there are so many adds). Those in the group who had done it before didn't remember it being that difficult on the last playthrough. We ended up giving up since it was late and we didn't think we'd be able to kill her.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    I've done it a few times since the patch. It seemed a bit harder since it was not possible to just ignore everything and nuke the boss.
    When we killed the adds and damaged the boss at the same time, we were doing fine. Our tank tried to position the boss and the adds in a way, so we could hit as many of them as possible at the same time. Additionally we found it to be helpfull to have a damage shield up, when she pulls everyone to the middle.
  • rb2001
    Did it last night some VR14-16 players, me healing at VR10, scaled at V14 I think. It went okay, except for the last boss. We finished it on the first try, but it took me near my limits.

    I agree it's a on the side of being too challenging for normal version, which isn't a bad thing exactly, but it does stick out compared to some of the others.

    I've had trouble there before with lower leveled VR players (VR5 range), where it becomes unreasonably hard at that scaling for players of that level.
  • Artjuh90
    lure boss in to narrow passage to let the tank dead with boss.
    the mobs will not all be lured to passage and those who are you can aoe with the dps
    np ;)
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