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VET White-Gold Tower

Hey guys here is a video guide for the new VET White-Gold Tower dungeon.
This was my first ever time editing videos and would love any feedback where possible. Any criticism is welcome.

Hope u enjoy the video. Honour is always looking for new members check us out on...

Next videos to come will be Molag Kena hard mode and VET Imperial prison.
  • Pugnado
    what gear setup and skill setup would you recommend a magika templar v13 to do this dungeon?
  • Lord Xanhorn
    Lord Xanhorn
    A commentary instead of music would be much better. Music adds zero value to a how to video. IMO it adds little value in any circumstance. I don't watch gaming videos to listen to the authors opinion on good gaming music, I watch it to learn something and that's best done with words.
    I'm kind of a small deal!
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