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Application for Membership into your Prestigious Group

Dear great members of Nirn,

My name is Shenronnacht and I seek membership. I've heard tales from across the land and wish to share my personal endeavors.

First a bit about myself. I'm a High Elf born of decent status on the isle. Of course, like my house, I've always been quite adapt at the arcane arts. However where most of the children on the isle were interested in exploding the small skeevers they could find or freezing the hapless mudcrab that wandered by, I was far more interested in defense and control.
Soon I developed the strongest wards and healing spells in my class, frustrating all my peers paired against me. Being a stand out I grew accustomed to being alone. This reinforced my defensive mind set as I could not rely on any ally.

This grew lonesome, as if oblivion could hear my thoughts, daedra appeared. Being lesser daedra I had no fear in my heart, we struck a deal. I'd be their shepherd and they would aid me, together we would eliminate both my enemies and the greater daedra that ruled their world.

No longer alone I grew older and more skilled, the daedra taught me some minor dark magic spells, nothing that would endanger my life but would make me more powerful than any other mage.

Seeking challenge and honor, not to mention a true test of my ever growing abilities, the stories of war coming from the mainland lured me.

Of course my trip was difficult, my ship was sunk and I found myself fighting for the alliance whose flag flew over my homeland. After helping my alliance gain a foot hold, dealt with some Daedric princes I was ready to step foot on the emperor's soil.

Now I will skip a bit of my many battles against other alliance members as there is a particular battle I would like to recall. This was a recent battle, and I had just reached the rank of veteran 5.

Being asked to find some seeds for a local woman and her village, I began by leaving her home. Upon stepping outside her small home I was immediately attacked by an enemy Nightblade. In the war I developed many tricks to dispose of such an enemy and set out to do it again. Suddenly an ally of his, a templar appears! The nightblade is a rank veteran 2 of the opposing force and the templar is rank veteran 3.

First I attempt to kill the Nightblade, after many minutes of battle I notice very little headway on slaining him (my defense spells were more than enough to keep me alive, killing such enemies would be the struggle) suddenly I change tactics. Using a nasty form of liquid lightning and roots I attempt inflict a death blow. If I can kill the templar I'm sure the Nightblade would be defenseless! I give it my all, my pets attack relentlessly, slowing only to heal me. I throw shards summoned from the dark plane into his chest, I brought my staff down upon his shoulder. When I brought his life down to about a third remaining he would call out to the divines and receive their gift of health.
"Damn them to oblivion" I curse aloud
Suddenly an idea hits me. I attack the templar forcing him to heal, I then turn my gaze on the Nightblade. I focus all my arcane arts on him, through sheer force of will I bring the Nightblade down.

The templar looks worried. Soon the tides are showing me favor! Knowing his fate is sealed without his ally, the templar makes a desperate attempt to flee. My daedric pets soon make a quick meal of his carcass.

In closing I hope you accept my membership. I look forward to exchanging stories of past and ideas for the future. Hopefully one day our paths will cross and another test of power can commence!

Your friend, Shenronnacht

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