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Future mounts as re-skins of current models

Okay, so I have been telling people for a while now that I would happily pay for a mount if it was one I liked but I have not found any mount that impresses me. So, I kept thinking about current mounts that could be re-skinned and then sold since re-skinning seems to be the way that so many companies go to save money and time. Take the guar, I picture that having tiny wings and a dragon's facial features. BAM! Fat dragon that cannot fly but you could ride around Tamriel. I would purchase that! Those lions, tigers, and cougars... rawr... could be turned into either the sand lizards or the liongators from the swamps. I have not thought of a good re-skin of the horses. I know the obvious answer would be a unicorn followed by a Pegasus or griffin. Unfortunately though, none of those are in the game (or I missed them).

Any ideas for future mounts? (Please do not say your mom, I am saying it now so that the funny factor is lost a bit. It will still be funny but I will not laugh as long as I would have originally laughed.)
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