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Implimenting a crown & crown store purchase history

Now this may seem basic as most mmo's have this implemented already. I am wondering if there is a crown tracking/purchasing history? If there is I could not find it under my account. If there is not maybe your team might want to add this as it seems that there is a need for this type of tracking. It could be added to the main website account login and would help so many of your customers to track when their monthly crowns that are given with eso plus, when their crowns have been added from other sources and or when they were removed from being spent. If I am asking to much I understand but I just wanted to offer up this idea if it had not been discussed.
  • NovaMarx
    At first I thought this feature was redundant, but after closer scrutiny I agree. It would be nice to see what we spend our crowns on, especially considering issues that may arise. Like if we have spent crowns on an item, but never receive it (or in an extreme scenario: a purchased item disappears after a future update).
    In a situation like that it would be very helpful (also for Support) for the user to be able to see when exactly they made the transaction. Also, it would just be nice to have clear documentation for what you have bought.
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  • Turelus
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    Seems like a reasonable request.

    We get to have the notifications of game codes and minipet codes we redeem added to our billing history after all.
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  • twhiting9275
    adding to this... They need to implement a history showing WHEN crowns were purchased , or added to your account.
    It's not really that unreasonable
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