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Branwen Dragonheart

I roleplay privately, mostly due to lack of confidence, so this is the first time I'm sharing a little about the character I have created. This is a little all over the place but I'll try to update it and make it a bit more readable when I can :smile: I haven't yet thought of a name for her parents, so suggestions are welcome! Sorry if this is a little poop and unoriginal. It's my first time :blush:


Branwen was born to a Breton mother and Nord father, both of whom lived in Windhelm. Her mother was a talented and well-known mage in the Mage's Guild, often the first port of call for the locals who needed a salve or potion. Her father was a relatively new recruit at the Fighter’s Guild but was already making a name for himself due to his helpful nature. He enjoyed the thrill of fighting and found fulfillment in helping others. This lead to him often doing favours such as clearing out Skeever in the local tavern or running off bears at the logging camps. He did this on the side of his contracts from the guild. Her mother was called out to heal the same Skeever bites and bear attacks, which meant her parents would both meet each other frequently.

Despite both parents living out of the guilds they would spend most of their time together during their work and downtime. Branwen was a joyous surprise to them both.

When Branwen was 2 years old her parents were tragically killed after a heavy battle with Necromancers from the south. The Mage’s Guild naturally adopted her as their own and raised her as her mother would have wanted, teaching her to hone her given skill in magic.

When she became of age, the Fighter’s Guild offered her further training out of respect for her father. She accepted, although still spent the majority of her time at the Mage’s Guild reading, practising alchemy, enchanting, destruction and conjuration.

After some time she found herself wandering the city on a daily basis, speaking to the many different people passing through Windhelm. She met adventurers, mercenaries and even some people who kept their occupation rather secret. She started to crave adventure and wanted to explore Tamriel. The Mage’s who raised her were understanding and agreed that as long as she remains the same helpful and compassionate woman she was they would support her decision and would always welcome her back at the guild.

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