[PS4, NA, Ebonheart Pact] Court of the Draconix

Welcome travelers of Tamerial! I am Esperance, Queen of the Court of the Draconix. If you are interested in joining the Court then please, let me know. The Court of the Draconix is on the Playstation NA server in Ebonheart Pact. Our Court will be PvPing, exploring, dungeon delving, and much more. This is a RP Guild. There are various ranks including: servant, jester, and knight. There are more privileged ranks such as: Priest, Dragon Knight, Phoenix Knight, and Blessed. Then of course, the leaders of the court: Queen and Lord Reagent. There are limited spots for the Knights and Priest positions, but they are also only givento tthose who deserve it. More information about the ranks will be provided of you need it. I will give an explanation of each if you decide to join the court. So come and join the Court! We will have meetings, get-togethers, contests, and much much more. Hope to see you all in the Court!
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