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Happy Marriage Times!

Soul Shriven
Hello all. I am curious, how many happy marriages are there in ESO? Here are a couple of mine to start off the thread!
First Twerks-with-Mudcrabs and Tapdances-With-Mudcrabs. As you can see they both thought Twerks looked nicer in the dress. He thought so to as did their mudcrabs! Much dancing was had, as is with every Mudcrab clan outting, and even some naps were had. So much dancing leads to much napping.

Next we have the two Nords, Airdien and Wulfgang Von Frankfurter. They are, uh, very happy. As you can tell.

But yah, how many marriages do we have out there?
  • Artemisshrikes
    what did I just click on....
    VR 16 Dragonknight Sarenvog (AD, Former Emperor)
  • likelolwhat
    D'aww. I love the Argonian couple. :heart:
    Forever looking for that one avatar that no one else has...

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  • AlamusPrime
    Soul Shriven
    D'aww. I love the Argonian couple. :heart:

    Thanks! My rl husband and I play these two couples and our Argonians are imagined to be part of a Mudcrab clan. There are only 3 of us thus far (his brother also plays with us) but we're hoping one day to attract more people to join the "Dance of some type"-with-Mudcrabs clan.

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