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lemonte backstory

* I play a story of revenge. My character is the same character I play in skyrim set a thousand years in the future. The reason for this is my character became a vampire in eso in order to exact revenge on those who wronged him.

When I was a boy I always wanted to be a knight. Protectors of the defenseless, they where true hero's. I loved my grandmother's tales of nights and dragons so much I would make make her recite them to me every night before I would bed. When I turned 12 I showed a natural gift for the sword and was Givin the great honor of squiring for sir eddard. Sir eddard was the first night of Emperor Medes Kingsguard, he was also the greatest sword fighter in all of Tamriel. I rose quickly showing a level of skill far better then my friends. It was only in combat that I truly felt alive.

That Is until I met Caitlyn. Caitlyn was a Nobel and family friend of my lord fathers. From the moment I saw her I was infatuated. We married on my 16th birthday the happiest moment of my life. I felt as long as I had her my life was perfect.

My life as it turned out had a much bigger destiny. I was dubbed a knight on my 18th birthday and made first knight of the kingsguard at the age of 24. I felt like everything in my life was perfect but it wouldn't last long.

I awoke to women screaming that night, I still hear it sometimes when I close my eyes even after all these years. Next I saw the smoke billowing from the bedroom door. I kicked it open and woke caitlyn we ran down stairs and out of the house before the fire swollowed it whole. I told Caitlyn to meet me at her sisters and sent my squire max with her to assure her safety. It was chaos, unlike anything I had ever seen before. The power of the attacking force was unimaginable. I saw sir Adam first he told me they where evacuating the Emperor and I should meet with the kingsguard just beyond the back gate.

When I arrived at the location I heard crying it was familiar. As I crossed the tree line I saw her it was Caitlyn stabbed repeatedly. I held her, I asked her to please tell me who did this?, i told her everything would be OK. She died in my arms within a couple of minutes. She said only one word before she died "Bal". By the time I got back the city was sacked the emperor laid on the steps of his kingdom as if displayed a trophy of my failure.

I swore I would find and kill those responsible by whatever means necessary. Sombody came knocking on my door that day and I intend to answer it
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