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My Time On ESO Today :)

Soul Shriven
it started with the hour it took to install the new patch. that was fine. it was an epic update after all. oh but wait, after each big update, it takes like 10 minutes to log in after i type in my password. i'm sure it's for security reasons.

so i finally log in, and decide to start a group for blessed crucible. took me about a good 20 minutes to fill the group. that was understandable. everyone was respecing.

so here we are, finally taking in the crisp blood-stained air of the blessed crucible, ready to take on some epic mobs. tank and healer die during first boss. i use my awesome soul gems to res them, but they stay dead. right now not sure if they are noob, or if the system is just broken. after we all die, the tank rage quits. that's fine, happens all the time.

i we reset the group with a new tank and head back in. but somehow our new tank is blocked from entering due to "instance full"? there were only three of us inside. we ask him to relog. still does not work. obviously we need to reset the group again, despite us all being pissed at having to go through this process in the first place. i figure why not remind the group that the blame is on the first tank that quit on us, who i totally do not want to cuss down right now. so for a second time we're forced to exit and reset the entire group, this time with a new party leader. now two of us are on the inside, and two of us are on the outside due to "instance full".

that concludes my day of ESO. i've already vented, so i will leave reporting issues like these to other players with higher tolerance.

since then, i've occasionally thought back on that first tank who quit on us, and i think how nice it would be if i knew him in person. i'd like to... forgive him, for the trouble he caused me today. i definitely don't feel like smashing some...thing into the ground. it's just a fleeting thought.
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