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New Imperial City set bonuses proccing off "light attacks"

Hello ZOS.

Many of the Imperial City set bonuses are proccing off light attacks. But light attacks are difficult to pull off. It seems like you have to press the left mouse button for about .01 seconds. .009 seconds and no weapon attack registers at all. .011 seconds and it registers as a heavy attack (albeit not a fully-charged heavy attack). So it takes really split second precision to get off a light attack. Are the new sets, such as Essence Thief, proccing off only light attacks on purpose? Do you want it to be this tricky to get them to proc? Or is this a bug? I am sure this will not be a problem for all the people using macros and scripts, but for us mere mortals it feels like proccing some of these 5-piece bonuses is more difficult than it should be.
Edited by Dagoth_Rac on August 31, 2015 10:32PM
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