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Question Regarding Veteran Quest EXP

So, quick question about the increase in EXP for Veteran Ranks:

Does the Experience Boost apply only to quests in a Veteran Rank zone, or are people getting boosted experience from all Veteran quests (i.e. Undaunted Dailies, PvP quests, etc.). I'm asking mainly because on my third character I pushed my way to VR1 without doing the Main Quest and Fighter's/Mages' Guild questlines and I was wondering since those quests scale to level if I was going to be getting boosted experience from those quests seeing as how they're scaled to Veteran Rank 1.

Thanks in advance.
  • Nestor
    Go kill Doshia (Fighters Guild) and see how much Exp you get for that quest.

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  • UrQuan
    Huh. Good question. I had assumed that it applied to all vet-level quests, but now I suddenly realize that I have no idea if it's that, or if it's just quests in vet zones. I've got a handful of VR1-2 characters who haven't completed the Fighters/Mages Guild quests yet, so I'd be very interested in the answer to this.
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  • Scyantific
    Can confirm now that the exp boost applies to ALL Veteran level content. Turned in a Fighter's Guild quest at v1 and got almost 20k exp from it.
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