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Trouble completing Darkshade it a glitch?

Soul Shriven
I started the mission and ran through it twice. The task says to kill three taskmasters. However, the taskmasters do not spawn when I go to the first indicated area.

I checked other sites such as and The taskmasters are not even listed as bosses, which confused me. I've fought the bosses that are listed.

What am I missing? Is it a glitch?
  • Thecapeo
    IIRC they aren't bosses really. Just named mob's standing around with other mobs and I believe you encounter them quite early. Around a campfire I think, another by a ramp. Have you killed every mob near the beginning?
  • bluejster12
    Soul Shriven
    Yes. We killed every boss in the dungeon including the centurion but the map shows we need to still go back to that first area to kill the first boss.

    Can anybody who successfully completed the dungeon explain their experiences?

    UPDATE: fourth group seemed to be the charm. I think I had to go through the right dialogue option with the elf at the beginning for the taskmasters to spawn. Halfway through I actually spoke to a character about a deed which I missed before because I tried to stay with my group who kept hurrying ahead.
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