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Cry Havoc - DC Recruiting! Organized PVP

Cry Havoc
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Cry Havoc is an organized non elitist attitude DC guild intent on creating and maintaining a chill relaxed environment. Formed during the first days of head start!!!! We have been around for the long haul and will continue to do so! We have been around since head start and strive to keep our environment as so! If your looking for an active guild free of drama with weekly and daily guild events and some of the greatest people you'll meet on the North American server we are your haven!!

Looking for Organized PVP? Looking for a group that doesnt just impulse spam? A group that acts on its own strategy and DOESNT follow Zerg around? Well you have found them... but dont take my word for it! Come run with us and find out!

We often coordinate with LOM in cyrodil which is one of our strongest allies. Let me reiterate this is the BEST group of folks I have ever run with as far as pvp goes, and Ive got roots back to Dark Age of Camelot!

We have players from all play zones and do our best to tailor events throughout the week.

PVP warbands following days and times. THOUGH WE PVP ALL THE TIME these are just the days that the GM hosts the events.

Sunday 1700pst
Tuesday 1630pst

We run a tight strategic maneuvers and do our best to keep a fun environment for everyone of all levels! Separate team speak channels with channel commander is also used to keep multiple Warbands organized for maximum potential at wreckin shop!

- Organized ranking structure for those interested in moving up the ranks
- Incentive point system designed to pay back YOU THE MEMBERS for participating in our events!
- Weekly Guild events!
- Monthly lotto... feel like making some cash? buy a couple tickets! chances to win thousands of gold!
- Plenty of crafters of all kinds to consistently turn to for help!

Organized guild ranking structure! Want to be one of our elite pvpers? Are yah laid back and just wanna hang out, or are yah interested in moving up in the ranks and helping to run the guild! We have a rank that fits and benefits everyone!


Contact Myself or any of the officers in game, or here on the forums.


Visit our website:

Check out our Twitch Stream which is running quite often:

Or simply contact me here and reply to post!
Cry Havoc - Guild Leader
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