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Help building ranged support

Lvl 16 and just did first group dungeon Spindleclutch and I sucked. I went in as a stamina sorc, s/b, with overload as ultimate. Group was all new to the dungeon and we wiped about 8 times(healer was lvl 11 but wasnt her fault) but we all enjoyed the first dungeon since we eventually cleared it. But my performance stung and shocked me back to reality. I am a ranged person. I was trying to get a mix of melee and magic but I just got lost and overwhelmed with all the mobs. I was useless with my sword and kept looking for ranged attacks that I didn't have or had no magic for. Then I switched to my bow and things got better. I pulled back and gave a better accounting of myself and it felt more natural. Still died but I was more productive.

Now I'm looking to do a ranged support build either sorcerer (for cc), or NB, maybe even Templar(but then I'll be expected to heal full time). I thought about going bow but I went back to soloing with it and I just don't like the bow. How can I build a useful support, dps Redguard? DPS, cc and some healing.

I'm thinking sorc with resto staff focusing on either cc line and resto staff for ward and spot heals or Sorc pet master with resto staff.

Also considering NB siphon healer but it looks like it takes a long time to get to the last resto staff skill.

Other choice is Templar dmg spec with some heals
  • leepalmer95
    Stamina sorc' aren't really great.

    So decide if you want to be a magicka or stamina build, you can't be both because you hit like a wet noodle.

    If you go magicka then stamina is used to block/ break free/ dodge roll only.

    If you go stamina then magicka is used for certain skills such a buff's or self heals etc...

    As a sorc magicka is far better.

    Use a desto staff preferably an inferno. Sorc skills are all ranged, they can high dmg, cc and decent aoe.

    The desto staffs impulse is great for aoe but you won't have access i see.

    Second bar can be another dest staff for different skills but a resto staff is also useful, slot a few heals or such for support and class abilities like liquid lightning and hardened ward for survivability, etc...

    though at that level your very limited.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
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