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Server issues

Massive lag spike, followed by disconnect. Now connection to server is timing out,
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Alliance : Aldmeri Dominion
Platform : Playstation 4
PSN : srs121
Server : North American
  • macadamia9
    same... very annoying...
  • Weethor
    Same here, getting kicked at character log in screen.
  • KundaliniHero
    yeah big lag spike and everyone in my party was kicked and now none of us can get back online. thanks obama.
  • Kalebron
    extreme lag in rift in town and out. I am lagging really bad. Been having this problem since logging in for last ten minutes. Also there are long pauses when accessing NPC's or not able to interact all together.

    1. What platform are you on? PS4

    2. What server are you logging into? NA

    3. Have you been able to play before? I just logged in and began experiencing lag followed by not being a belt to target NPC's until I have stood there for a min.

    4. Were you able to play after seeing this error? yes after logging off and back on and trying several times. I even rebooted my system once.

    5. Are you getting kicked from the game with this message or seeing it upon your login attempt? I got kicked from the game with the message there was a server timeout.

    6. Are you able to successfully log in on a different server? Yes after several tries.
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