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Two Kragenmoor Quests Disappeared

I entered Kragenmoor Town (Stonefalls - Ebonheart Pact) for the first time yesterday and saw that there were 3 Quest Markers on my Compass.

I did the nearest one and helped Ral Savani find his Guars. While I was searching for the Guars I noticed a Tunnel on the West side and went through it. When I came out the other side the 2 Quest Markers were gone. And although I've visited Kragenmoor several times over the last 2 days the Makers have never reappeared. I've been up to the people - Laughs-at-All and San Dres (Grandmaster's Palace) - to try to talk to them in the hope that the Quests would kick in, but nope. :(

What's happened? How can I get these Quests 'active' again? They're the only things I have left to do in Stonefalls.

A recent development (doesn't that always happen as soon as you begin a thread, lol) San Dres Quest Marker reappeared and I'm now doing the Quest.
Laughs-at-All is still 'missing'
Laughs-at-All Quest Marker has also appeared and I've accepted and begun the Quest.

I noticed that both Quest Markers only appeared when other players began talking to the Quest givers. And, now that I think of it, there were no other Players in the area any of the times I visited.

Anyway, it's all ok now. I don't know how to remove this post, but I'm sure someone will do it for me. Thanks :)
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