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Fight club forming._._

Soul Shriven
Welcome to the werewolf killers. We are establishing a fight club._._. And need members of all three aliance to make it work . Rules
1. No cry babies
2. No armor ( evens players )
3. Every one playing brings soul gems.
4. Best of 3 matches
5. Winner take all.
6. 2000g buy in tournament
Sounds fun right
Ps4 European server
Find me Lllynxx to join guild
Also nightly fights will be randomly chosen with 4 members of the guild chickens will be posted to the chat of shame
  • lllynxx
    Soul Shriven
    Some members want armor bonus in fights._._.So rule 2 is gone._._.
  • Shimmer
    ✭✭✭✭✭ aren't supposed to talk about it...
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    Mistakes must be carelessly planned.
  • TheNephilimCrow
    No shirts, no shoes. This is the basics of Fight Club... aside not speaking about it.
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    Lvl 13 - AD Khajit - DW Magicka Nightblade - Title "Mystical Thief"

  • Xeven
    Lol @ no armor. Sorcs will always win. Clearly you havent given this much thought.

    Edited by Xeven on October 1, 2015 3:21PM
  • Spacemonkey
    Should be no abilities or weapons also.

    Dodging & Hitting & Blocking & Running/Jumping & Sneaking only should be allowed.
  • Nifty2g
    Awkward moment when I randomly see you in cyrodill fighting yourself with no armor on
  • Draxys
    Good luck balancing champion points for this.

    rip decibel
  • jircris11
    lllynxx wrote: »
    Some members want armor bonus in fights._._.So rule 2 is gone._._.

    armor bonus would make it too unbalanced lol. but i wish you luck with it.
    IGN: Ki'rah
    DC/AD faction/NA server.
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