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The Woodland Militia is looking for a few quality members!! Aldmeri Dominion based

Soul Shriven
The Woodland Militia is a brand new guild founded by a few new players that is still looking for a few good men and women! We value friendliness, loyalty and maturity. Most of us are new to the game and we welcome you if you are too! We are a social guild looking to grow into a tight knit family. We are not looking to become the biggest guild in the game just one of the best. We also have officer positions available for those who wish to pitch in more. We currently are using TeamSpeak 3 to enhance communications.

I can be reached in game @Cianin or you can apply on our brand new website Please note the site is brand new and not polished. I am sure this post will evolve in the days to come as does our guild.

Thank you for your consideration,
Edited by Cianin on October 4, 2015 3:28AM
  • Volkodav
    Please,send me an invite! Send to username LSSAH1,or to Ungezugeit Waffen ingame. Thanks!
    PC/NA Beta tester
    January 2014

    (Oblivion is a playground,..Morrowind is home)
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