ps4 unable to log in

Internet works fine everywhere else. Wont let me connect to the server. No maintenance scheduled. Goin on an hour now. It is only for the north american server.
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  • mr_wazzabi
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  • prestonjkingb14_ESO
    here we go again. Down and cannot log in. No announcements showing up either.
  • MaKTaiL
    Same here. Got kicked out of the game and can't log in anymore.
  • bryanhaas
    Hopefully it clears but I checked and Destiny works.
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  • shadicar
    Game is down for me, Ohio, and a friend of mine in Nevada, and another friend in North Dakota.
  • Neclord
    Soul Shriven
    Same here, was getting major lag while crafting then got kicked and can't get back on.
  • jarky
    Ditto. Got booted can't login again
  • redcloud1187_ESO
    I am getting the same thing again.....
  • kgnnewgen
    Soul Shriven
    Down in NC also
  • BrokenMandaLynn
    Soul Shriven
    Me too. :'(
  • Zanbanzakura
    Server crashed for eso
  • jarky
    Whomever designed the graphic of the dragon chasing its tail for a load bar doesn't understand how true that is
  • arivera5
    Soul Shriven
    Got booted can't log in
  • Severeds
    Every week.....
  • Spixerz
    Soul Shriven
    same here
  • MagicalSociety
    Got booted and cant get back on. Both me and my wife.

    Springfield MO

    Other games working fine.
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  • jarky
    I gave up. This better be fixed by tomorrow. I was legit about to drop another $100
  • MilwaukeeScott
    Well, we can wait a few days for the guy with the key to the server closet to show up..........again.

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
  • DudeWheresMyRPG
  • Pyro117
    same here - got the "please make sure you have a valid internet connection" boot.

    Now all I get is:

    Login Failed
    Connection to server timed out.
    Please try again later.

    Here are the details they usually ask:

    NA Server
    Cannot login due to Login Failed - time out errors
    Tried several times, even rebooted my PS4

    BTW, my game cannot retrieve the announcements from the server at the login page (where you click Play).

  • seraphis11
    Soul Shriven
    Same. Colorado, got booted and cant log back in.
    "Connection to server timed out please try again later."
  • DarthSeverus394
    Was down for about 1.5 hours and is back online now here in Missouri.
  • DelbertStinkfester
    How can they expect anyone to support this game. I was getting ready to sub this game....Glad I held off
  • Zephyr01
    Me too. Nothing on either server.

    Is it just PS4 affected? Or everyone?
  • Vixen_Wild
    Got booted several times off and on today. Now after getting booted 3 times within 15 minutes of each one. I can't long back in either. I even restarted my PS4 with no results. California
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  • DarthSeverus394
    For me it was ps4 NA server and thats it. All other devices and apps worked as well as the euro server.
  • M1NDPHR34K
    Soul Shriven
    First time having so much trouble getting on... Connection to server timed out... Have rebooted several times now and it'snot my internet.

    In STL Missouri and PS4 NA server
  • KundaliniHero
    Cant log in either. Was playing and then got booted all of a sudden with the 'ol unable to connect to game server check your internet connection. My internet is fine. This happened to me a few weeks ago and lasted for about 5 days before it magically corrected itself. I am assuming we'll have to wait another week for this BS to get fixed. FYI it would be great if Zenimax can plan their f*ckups during the week rather than at the start of the weekend.
  • Darkaffliction23
    Soul Shriven
    Same here
  • seraphis11
    Soul Shriven
    Bump this thread. Was just browsing the pc forums and this seems like an entire NA server issue, xb1\ps4\pc. ZoS is claiming it is fixed and if we experience anymore trouble to contact our ISPs.
    What a load of crap
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