[EU-DC] - Looking for Trials Guild

  • Been playing for 6 mths.
  • Solid v14 DPS Temp.
  • Solid v14 Healing Temp.
  • Looking to do more Trials.
  • Completed AA, DSA, vDSA, HelRa so have some experience.
  • Would just like to run more often at weekends/during the week.
  • Very active in 4 other guilds (Trade & PVP)
  • Will be buying IC when it's released.

Let me know :)

CP561 Redguard | Jabsy Templar | Stamina Build
CP561 Breton | Jesus Beam Templar | Magicka Build Forever!
CP561 Naked Nord | Tanky DK | Stamigicka Build

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