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abnormal lag in cyrodil

i dont know since when this is happening, but sometimes i see part of the map not fully textured and there's like a border between the textured part of the map and the non textured part. and as soon as i enter the non-textured part im stuck, cant do ***. the rest of the players around act as normal though (they still keep on fighting, casting spells etc.).

also sometimes i just cant cast any spell or even attack/block, occuring randomly in cyrodil. this is so *** frustrating... anyone else experiencing this?
i dont think, that this problem is related to my connection, i have 120mbit/s and im not having any problems in any other game.
  • WellJustSayin
    Bud, It's not on your end. Countless players are having issues like this along with disconnects and blue screen crashes. ZOS has said it's on Sony's end, and Sony says it's on ZOS end. I don't think they have any intention of digging deeper to fix it. I've been having these issues since release and they finally addressed it when many, many other posters came on the forums to complain, which tells me they were sweeping it under the rug wishing we would shut up and was ignoring us for as long as they could.
  • Blackflame36
    Soul Shriven
    ^ This. PvP is almost unplayable with the disconnects and blue screens, I sometimes get disconnected 3-4 times within less than 30 minutes of playing. Outside of Cyrodil seems fine, granted I still get the occasional lag spike but I'm not getting anything close to what I experience in PvP. So long story short you are not alone my friend.
    Theranis Magnus - Breton Sorcerer, v1
    Lucius Callidus - Imperial Nightblade [Vampire], lvl 34
  • smurphattack22
    Nope same here when u Hitt the texture spots don't go in them till they load. An cut off chat to prevent lag
    *FoxDie Assassins* * FDA*
  • juliank1990erb16_ESO
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