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Hi all.

Meridia's Vengeful Light is currently looking for players above Veteran Rank 10 that have an interest in running trials and daily dungeons.
We are recruiting now and have no restrictions on age, ability or experience within trials, as we have two experienced PC players leading the charge and are happy to lead new teams through.

This is the perfect opportunity to anyone who has been unable as of yet to find a team to do the 12 man trials or who is looking for more consistency. We will be building 2 teams so are accepting applications immediately and will be organizing a time for new members to meet with the CO's and run their first practice dungeons and trials once the numbers are there.

The only requirements are that you have at least one Veteran Rank 10 character, a working microphone, positive and friendly attitude and that you are wanting to work as part of a team.

You can message me here to apply or message me on psn @the_g_reaper referencing this post.

Looking forward to hearing from you

  • the_g_reaper
  • redcloud1187_ESO
    VR 11 nightblade
    PSN redcloud420
    Looking for ppl to do daily vet with and do the craglorn quest
    Have no xp with trails
  • Carterboy254
    Man I'm so close I'm vet 9 and wondering could I still get an invite if I try to put a speed on my vet 10 if so thank you my gt is
    XxD Cart3rxX
    Gt on Xbox One: OhMyItsSlim

    Hello My fellow Gaming brothers && sisters I host gameplay of all kind of games such as ESo, Battlefront, Rainbow 6 siege, 2k, COD, and many more While streaming I offer gameplay hints and tips on anything your heart desire such as combos, money making tips, fast grinds etc. I will answer all questions and absolutely love all my viewers. All I ask is that you come watch me stream from time to time and tell your friends to come watch and follow my Twitch and twitter.

  • the_g_reaper
    Hey guys, be happy to send you both an invite. I will be online soon and get you into a party with me. Carterboy thats fine. I have a few people leveling up alts at that rank. This is about building a team for the next few weeks so your more than welcome to join.
  • Paraflex
    PSN Hollykills. VR 11

    I have a brother and girlfriend VR 9 and we have DSA on farm right now.....fully geared with max level crafting on all of us. We play a lot and the three of us will want to do trails. I'm a NB healer, brother is NB tank and dps and GF is Sorc DPS
    Hollykills CP 630 Templar Healer - Ad PS4 Warlord Rank

    Max Stam/Mag Dk
    Max Stam Sorc
    Max Stam/Mag NB

    Don't care to dps much so I heal.

  • the_g_reaper
    Hey Paraflex. Sounds good ill shoot you an invite. just message me on psn the id's of your gf and brother and we will get them in too
  • Captnlittleblue
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a vet 12 templar healer. Captnlittleblue.
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