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Lipsand Tarn issues...

(apart from the fact that the achievement is listed as LIPSAND TAM (incorrectly?) in the journal (on PS4)),

How does this dungeon work (or not)?
My friend and I have done it 3-5 times and we have killed Marbita and 2 collossuses plus completed the Chorrol quest that took us there.
We never find Gaston or any collossus in Marbita's room (I think I fought Gaston alone a while back but perhaps I didn't finish the others).
I have read lots about "you have to make sure the colossuses respawn and so on but how do you do that?
Also, is it like the quests in Cyrodiil in general, where it annoyingly randomises the outcome to constantly repeat the element you don't need?

Help, anyone.
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  • AlnilamE
    Pretty much go there with someone who needs the boss you don't need. You each camp in the room for the boss you need and kill them every time they are up to give the other boss to spawn.

    You can kill everything in the room while you wait for XP. There are also treasure chests that spawn.
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  • Calluna
    I grind there sometimes and see both bosses regularly. The both can't be up at once and seem to spawn randomly. You can get Marbita spawning multiple times in a row but eventually Gaston will spawn or visa versa. I thought the colossuses were just regular mobs and were on a regular spawn timer so I never paid attention to them.
  • Sllocsredle
    The dungeon looks like one of the biggest delves in Cyrodiil, I would like to role-play the dungeon as part of Skyblivion. The bloodfiend characters are starting to become more life like once I go into the front entrance, you can probably discern the group who built the dungeon by the markings on the inside of the front door, going further into the delve a little, some of the sets are almost impossible to beat, noting that when you let your game sit in idle for about 10 minutes, you should be able to see the dungeon on your start screen, that was amazing when logged off, the delve showed up on the start-up screen where there has been no known seen save from a delve or other area rather than just seeing Cyrodiil as the location in the game

    Hopefully this helps a little to further the game for more delve experience and building throughout the inside and outside of the delve, the hope is to see players in the delve as part of becoming an MMO style game play
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