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Cross faction RP. Does it exist?

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the game.
And for me to personally get myself stuck to an MMO and make it my home I need a RP community to get myself lost in.

As the game is stretched across three factions I can see it harming the RP community quite a bit.
Is their any way to communicate with other factions for roleplay or are we all bound to RPing with our own faction?
  • SirAndy
    The only place for cross faction interaction is the PvP zone of Cyrodiil.

    I have been part of several cross faction outings there but they are rare and somewhat hard to pull off since other players are free to interrupt and attack your party.

    The most memorable one was when we had a fairly large 3 faction group and we captured a scroll and ran it to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths and then took turns defending it against other players from all 3 factions that were trying to retrieve it.
  • Sengra
    I know some people create "mirror" characters in the other alliances to RP there with the same char. I guess that's the only option besides going to Cyrodiil.
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  • Feynn
    Cross-faction RP is definitely a thing on the EU Megaserver, where the main RP communities are in the Daggerfall Covenant (Stormhaven RP) and Ebonheart Pact (Ebonheart RP). There are several players who have copies of their main characters in both factions, so that their characters can travel between the two regions.
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