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Domisium | PvP + PvE| Ebonheart Pact | 18+ | All Levels Welcome!

Soul Shriven


Domisium, formerly known as “Forsaken Gamers” is an established gaming community (mainly UK/EU West players) with vast past experience in multiple MMORPG’s. We are an 18+ based community that is focused on building a friendly and dedicated space for gamers to enjoy and experience the content that games have to offer from a team-play perspective. Domisium doesn’t just offer a guild, it offers a community, ever evolving and growing into new genres and games.

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Our Guild

Domisium is a fresh guild on the Ebonheart Pact faction. Our roadmap for the guild is to create a Social PvX/Raiding guild with targets of clearing all existing and future game content as well as forming a formidable and organized PvP group. This means that currently we are accepting players of all levels, players who wish to just play for the social aspect and/or players who have the intention of progression and structured gameplay. Domisium values quality above quantity in regards to the type of players we accept in our community, therefore we are less concerned with your past experience and more concerned with the type of person you are and if you will fit well within our community.

What can you expect from us?
  • A friendly and helpful environment
  • Regular dungeon runs / Raiding (Onwards from 5pm GMT+1)
  • Regular guild events
  • PvP groups & active participation in cyrodiil
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Active social aspects such as guild chat and TS3
  • Active forum/website participation
  • The opportunity to join our community in any other games
  • Streaming opportunity and free advertising

What we expect from you?
  • 18+
  • Are active within the western GMT timezone (primetime)
  • Plan to actively play ESO within the foreseeable future
  • Offer some form of contribution to our community whether that is active presence on our website, YouTube videos or streaming for Domisium
  • Understand that this is a community and not just a single guild
  • Active participation in the guild, social, PvE/PvP or Raiding
  • Teamspeak 3 is required for guild activities and is encouraged on a social level as well

How do I join?

In order to ensure the quality of players we accept into our community and a drama free environment, all applicants undergo a 3-tier application process that allows us to achieve this.

1): Apply by Application form

All players wishing to join Domisium have to join through creating an application form on our website here. Please ensure that you fill in the application form in the correct manner and detailed. Vague applications are usually rejected. There will be an opportunity for you to detail your past experience within MMORPG’s or ESO, whilst we consider this being one of the less important details, If you do have experience in raiding, leading etc… then you are encouraged to mention it here.

Once leadership has reviewed your application, we will update the application asking you to attend a Teamspeak 3 screening. If your application is rejected then we will state the reason why as well as give you the opportunity to discuss it. All applications are responded to a.s.a.p

2): Teamspeak 3 screening

Our Teamspeak 3 screening is a friendly chat to discuss further details or any uncertainties in your application and to ensure that Domisium is the correct place for you.

2): Guild Invite

After completion of the Teamspeak 3 screening we will contact you with a verdict that the leadership has discussed. If successful we will invite you to the guild and help you get settled, if unsuccessful we will inform you why.
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