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The Fist of the Thalmor- Roleplay, PvP and PvE Guild

Greetings Citizen,

I'm delivering a message from the Highking of Alinor himself.

'The Thalmor are the highest and best educated Agents of the Aldmeri Dominion.
Our duty is to protect our homelands and its citizens against any possible threat.
We're looking for brave, intelligent and interesting Men and women to join us. Since hundrets of years, it's the Thalmor who ensures the inner stability of Summerset Isle and now also the interests of our Bosmer cousins and our new feline allies of Elsweyr.

Each race is welcome to join us and also members of other alliances can join us, because spies are a big advantage.
Contact us and join the future ! Become an Agent of Thalmor and bring glory and victory to the Aldmeri Dominion!

This guild used to be a roleplaying group since Skyrim was released and was mainly active on Facebook. Our base members are playing The Elder Scrolls Online since early Beta though. We intend on doing organized PvP groups on Thornblade and other campaigns, since the Aldmeri Dominion is performing rather poorly during the last few months. We will be using our intelligence, unity and strenght to change this and to bring the Dominion what it deserves: Fame and Succeed.

We also run weekly Trials (Normal and Hard mode) and Veteran DSA with the experienced leaders of 'The Legionnaires' guild who also support this guild.
Use this exlusive chance, as we have a rank system which is based on the lore and those ranks are rare ;) We're also going to buya Guild Vendor, only the best locations are good enough for members and we will reach that, as soon as we have enough members.

May Auri-El bless you all
Auri-El is my lord,
Trinimac is my shield,
Magnus is my mind.
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