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New Crash with 10.11 dev beta 6 and 2.0.15

I understand that you do not support the OS X beta, so this post is purely for your information. Sadly, I updated two things at once - my bad. I update to dev beta 6 (previously on beta 5) and updated ESO to 2.0.15. Since that I crash about twice a day - previously I did not crash at all. The crash is a "freeze" - one point seems to be when quitting.


  • Primordial_Steak
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for posting the bug.
    I take it you are not using the launcher on El Capitan and are updating the game on another device and copying the files? Because if not, I'd love to know how you got the launcher working on El Capitan.


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