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Looking for Guild to help enhance my blacksmithing


So I'm pretty burnt out on questing and decided to start crafting.. having not much gold left I didn't have much option but to make my own gear. I've just hit level 10 in blacksmithing. I'm looking for a smallish guild I can make armour/weapons for. Instead of just creating and deconstructing to earn experience, I'd like to make stuff for guild members and add to guild stores. I think having a purpose might make it more enjoyable and progress faster.
I'm a VR1 Imperial Sorcerer (stam build), and a Pack Leader WW. So free bites on tap!
To be honest, I prefer smaller guilds that focus on quality over quantity. Ones that boast a tight-knit community, not just numbers.
Oh, I play in DC too. Though you probably already knew that from my avatar.

(sqweee )>--- ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  • SirCritical
    Honestly, your chosen way for upgrading your crafting skill is a kind of unique in this game, where you can find a certified crafter around every corner. But if you want to be a member of a friendly and chatty, DC-based cross faction Justice System-guild, with trader in Rawl'kha, maybe it is worthy, reading about us.
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