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EU - Recruiting for Dawn Of Rubicund

A women named Lairah, a Redguard from lands of Yokuda. A lost continent that those little knew about. Lairah was once a known thief, who took money from the hard working people, to merchandise and then finally the riches. That soon changed when she realized that stealing money wasn't the way of living, and so she brought fellow merchants that she personally knew, and decided to forge together a new guild, a guild that will hope lift off the ground and spread across the lands for other travellers to seek gold.

Our goal

We are merely a new guild that hope to find like-minded people that are interested in making profit and having a good time.

What we ask for

This is a mature guild, so please act as your age. We (And I personally) do not accept childish acts, and so we will do our best to keep things going smoothly without others in need of complaining about how bad our guild is because of the lack of control. From time-to-time it's ok to talk in guild chat just for laughs but not to troll.


This is my very first guild, and have made few positive ones on other games past year. If all goes well, I might consider to make a website and maybe throw in some prizes. I'm also not sure on the privileges that people will get when joined, but so far it's been kept basic. If you have any words to share then please do hit me up! I like to hear from you.


Sorry to add. Were based in Daggerfall.
  • OneWithTheShadows
    Interesting, best of luck with your Guild :) .
  • Lodreus0Redguard19
    Thanks! I'll be changing the logo. I've found something better, but I do hope to gather great people. I forgot to mention the guild accepts any level. :)
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