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Provisioning writ delivery location

Soul Shriven
Just done my first provisioning writ in stonefalls "I think it was" but I'm not sure where I'm delivering it as I have no marker
  • Ourorboros
    Next to big warehouse just before the docks.
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  • Lokustreign
    You might have to turn it in in a different area. It also might not be set as your active quest. You can go to your start menu, go to Journal, then Quests, select your quest to make it your active quest, and there should be an option to "show quest on map," click that and it will bring you to the local area map where you'll be turning it in. Hope this helps.
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  • Nestor
    Note, there is a Cooking Fire right there in the Tavern by the drop off location. So, keep that in mind as your doing them in this town.

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  • Dodgygeezer82
    Soul Shriven
    I have it set as active quest and when I go show on map it doesn't show, I never crafted the ingredients I got them out of a guild bank already made im not show if that's the reason, tried near the docks in stonefalls and still no joy
  • MissBizz
    Are you sure they are player crafted and not "looted" foods? It needs to be crafted by a player to count for writs.
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  • BenevolentBowd
    MissBizz wrote: »
    Are you sure they are player crafted and not "looted" foods? It needs to be crafted by a player to count for writs.

    Looted food will be white and is not usable for writ turn-ins but any crafted version of the food/drink (made by anyone) will be acceptable.

    If the quest is active and it not showing on the Davon's Watch map, then the turn-in is likely somewhere else.

    See this post for the other locations:

    I've found the quest map can be problematic and not show the destination when M is hit on the Journal screen.

    Good luck.

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