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Perfect Roe On PS4

Has anyone on PS4 ever gotten a Perfect Roe from filleting fish?

I read somewhere when I first started playing last month, that this was not working on PS4.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • LucidInsanity
    Soul Shriven
    I'm seeing them in guild traders after today's patch. At completely ridiculous prices 400-500k. So you can definitely get them now.
  • ahost1_ESO
    I got one myself last night. You can only get them from fishing. They are very rare chance as well.
  • Senor.el-Tigre
    Got three of them myself. I've seen them for 30-50K a piece on release day. But I've seen a few being sold for 10K now. Don't think they will be that much worth at the end. You can only use them for the EXP boost drink. You can't do anything with them unless you have all 7 pages of EXP boost potion, so it'll take a while till the Perfect Roe become needed. But then what? People aren't gonna pay 50K for an ingredient they can farm themselves. Only people who need it are Provisioners, and they already know that they just need to fish to get it. Besides, where is the profit in selling the EXP boost drink when you have to pay crazy amount of gold for just the ingredients. No one is gonna buy one EXP boost drink for 100K. Prices will go down since no one is crazy enough to pay that insane amount of money for something they can farm themselves and in no way can earn back with selling the end product.
  • Geemarc
    I did some fishing earlier and got one from 52 fish.
  • srs121
    I have found quite a bit of it. For starters you can not get it from rare fishing in larger groups is not recommended if your are farming for it.

    It seems to be a random drop from them. I have personally went through approx 200 fish, and had 0 p roe come out of it.. And just earlier today only 42 and got 2 from it.
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  • wormfudge
    Ive harvested 20 since patch came out. I do a lot of fishing though, gotta get that angler title. Getting recipe fragments on the other hand is much harder. Found one piece since update. Making 7 alts for provisioning just for this
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