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I'm new here so sorry if i wrong place but i got a problem, i want to upgrade my cloths to fine to get bit more $$ but i've tried like 10 times and i keep getting failed no matter what i do. is this a bug or have i got to keep making low lvl clothing at a really bad lvl rate to get this to notice the find upgrading with out failing all the time?
  • Nestor
    The thing with Tempers is, unless you have a 100% chance to succeed, you have a 100% chance of failure. The only exception to this seems to be a non traited non improved item, and then you have a small chance of success at less than 100%.

    There is a passive that lets you use less Tempers, 2 Greens at L3, can't remember what it is with no passives or the intermediate steps. But if your going to improve things, you need this passive. I stress the word Need here.

    Now, all that being said, most people buy Green Armor to decon it for the Tempers, at least from the Guild Stores. So doing this on spec might not gain you that much. Of course if people order it, that is another thing entirely.
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