Heavy Attacks

I haven't played in awhile, but I used to be able to do a heavy attack by holding down my left mouse button until the attack was charged.
My PC has updated to Windows 10 Home edition and now I can no longer do heavy attacks. When I hold down my left mouse button, my character just readies his weapon and does nothing until I release the mouse button. Has something changed in how heavy attacks are done now or could this, as I'm thinking, be an issue with Windows 10?

Thanks in advance,
  • SirAndy
    What weapon? Different types work differently.

    My bow does the same thing, i have to release the mouse button to attack.
    My dual wield maces will do the heavy attack automatically when the animation is over.

    Of course, you can always animation cancel a heavy attack ...
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  • sgtsgt
    I'm currently using a bow. I will try another weapon and see what happens.

  • sgtsgt
    That was it thank you again. My two handed sword does the heavy attack. I guess bows don't?
  • LaughingJack
    SirAndy wrote: »
    What weapon? Different types work differently.

    .... My bow does the same thing, i have to release the mouse button to attack.

    @anyone :
    ermm, the Bow has Always done that for heavy attacks - hold bow drawn until you want to release (certainly for me, anyway) (just as an aside to this - if you were drawing a bow in RL would you blindly hold it drawn and wonder why it does not release? - you have to let go to make it work . . . ).
    Staves, because of their very nature of operation do not Store Up a heavy attacks and then release it - the heavy attack is constant from start to finish ( it runs dry or you release the button ).

    however, i have at various times over the last year of playing, had the Effect happen after the Animation, sometimes a few seconds late, it's refered to as Combat Lag by most here, and is fairly common. also common, to me, is attacks stacking if i mash the buttons too quickly. be careful of this - ive had countless times of accidental firing off stuff unintentionally. sometimes its funny - most times it not.
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