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[EU DC] - Healer LFG - pvp/pve guild with liberty of speech&opinion, lang.[ENG, GER, ITA]

I'm 38 years old and my first real mmorpg was DAOC (2002). Which is the game which drove me into PvP. I've been in the guild "Das Tribunal" on Ava/Hib and played a bard. My guild was running "specialized squads" in PvP, success-oriented play with target-assist and dedicated player roles (healing, buffing, shielding, etc.), without any major rules or mandatories, which is the way how I like to play PvP..
After DAOC, I played a lot of mmorpgs but never again I found a game like DAOC. Hence, ESO is the first mmorpg that gets close to DAOC PvP (although more lag, more bugs, more crashes...)

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A MULTI-GAMING GUILD ;-) with hundreds/thousands of members interspersed throughout all possible games, or even a guild ambassador on twitch, no thx!

What I offer you / my skills
- a player who is often online, keeps informed about the game and who likes to chat every now and then (not just in TS ! as I am a dedicated likes-to-listen-to-music-while-doing-PVP guy
- VR 14 Templar (my main char, heal/buff/debuff/survive focused, 350 CP in the right trees, 20k mana regen, etc.)
- Twinks: VR 14 Sorc/DK/NB (I wanted to better understand enemy classes)

What I am looking for
- a guild with a "flat" structured organization and less hierarchy
- a formless guild without obligations like: application forms, mandatory PvP/events, etc.
- an invitation-based recruitment system which is based upon a trainee-time (the first 4 weeks or longer, you are allowed to "test" the guild)
- a guild which follows a "philosophy of gaming" and not of "pure success at all cost"
- a guild which does not put too much pressure upon its members (which includes to be allowed to go AFK most of the times)
- a guild which practices "civilized behavior" (no gender discrimination, no offending in the public chat, not too much childish chat talk, etc.)
- a guild which does not only use TS for communication
- an atmosphere of constructive debate in the guild chat (respect towards contrary opinions, etc.)
- tolerance for deviant behavior / acceptance of nurds / etc. as an enrichment
- autonomous members (who are not always guild group-dependent, who even can do PvP alone)
- a guild with a deeper understanding of the "5 guild system" in ESO = there is not only one main guild :smile:
- a guild which invites randoms regularly/on occasions and does not only practice "private guild PvP"

I'd be happy to hear from you! Write me here - or ig. My online times are from 18:00 till late night (GMT+1)
I'd even consider joining a pure german or italian guild, or even french (I undestand F).

speak soon
Edited by Francescolg on July 28, 2015 9:45PM
  • SirCritical
    Huh, that was weird. I'd love to see you in our community (for 4 weeks or more ;)) Please read about us!
  • Francescolg
    Thank you alot for your answer!
    After reading your guild description I've come to the conclusion that you're a very interesting "theme guild" but not a "specialized PvP" guild, as what I am looking for.

    Unfortunately, I'm looking more for a PvP guild, which runs a PvP group (nearly) all day long on a "less rules = more freedom" basic philosophy of pressure-free gameplay (not the dudes flaming others when they loose). Nonetheless, I wish to play with experienced PvP'ers (no zerg-guild) that play their role in PvP in a more-or-less specialized PvP-group that does nothing else than farmin APs all day long.
  • SirCritical
    Ahm sure, I thought you could be interested in PvE content also. Then I wish you to find the guild what fits you most, and meet later in Cyrodiil! ;)
  • HouLiGaN
    Yo, we are in need of experienced healers.
    We usually make groups in Non-Vet always have, but recently a lot of vet guilds have come to Non-Vet.
    We do have some fun in Vet Campaigns also from time to time. And from September we will push on a vet campaign to see how it goes.

    We nearly always have a MW Group up, either not in TS or in TS, only when we are playing objectively we do have a demanding TS Group up. But any other time freedom is allowed while in groups.

    We also do have our players that group up alone, on some occasions.
    We mostly use our vets at the current moment to just do Undaunted Gold key pledges.

    Anyways check us out if you havnt. We have recently stoped recruiting just anyone, so now we are only recruiting experienced players, and friends of Guildies to push on Quality.

    Just to make some things clear, we are not a Role playing Guild. We do have some fun tho from time to time.

    You'll be surprised how much fun you can have in Non-Vet. Even for a few weeks if you could join, we really need the healing support
    Edited by HouLiGaN on August 2, 2015 10:03AM
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