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For People with Virginmedia and have a Superhub 2

You may have seen that most of you are disconnecting from the server every 30mins to 1hr. This is due to the latest firmware update to the Superhubs, Superhub 1 and 2ac's do not have this issue, only the Superhub 2s do. (v 2.01.03)

The firmware has traffic shaping in it which at the moment thinks any type of streaming or online game play through non-normal protocols is torrents and it kills connections for a millisecond.

There is a way around it, if you have a spare router available (please don't go out and buy one you shouldn't have to do that), put the superhub 2 into modem only mode, and connect a router to the hub when in modem mode, this will allow you to play away to your hearts content.

Unfortunately Virginmedia 2nd Line staff either don't believe you, or they need "proof" this is happening, but since this issue effects pretty much nearly all MMOs and streaming sites and they all show the same symptoms, their cries of it is not us it is them is moot.

So if you are affected by this issue, and you don't have a spare router, call them up and give them hell about it, perhaps with enough people complaining they will finally do something about it quick.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @vwaskarb16_ESO !

    Thanks so much for letting us know this is happening!
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  • itsalatib16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Well this does explain everything then.

    Past few weeks I've been stuck trying to play with constant 200+ms and disconnects every 30 minutes. Or sooner if I do a lot of activating objects, talking to npcs or opening any menu with an inventory panel, making the game essentially unplayable.

    I've already tried contacting support with Virgin but didn't get anywhere besides the tech avoiding my questions about throttling and numerous offers of sending an engineer, presumably to try and get that £90 callout charge out of me. Sucks that I got rid of my old router so I guess I'm just playing the waiting game until Virgin gets their act together, but at least there is hope of a solution!
    Edited by itsalatib16_ESO on July 29, 2015 5:21AM
  • vwaskarb16_ESO
    Call up retentions, and get them to send you out a Superhub 2ac for free, and to waiver the £20 charge. That is what I did...

    They send it out via Yodel, no point have an engineer send it out and put it in for you when you can easily call up to clear the Shub's MAC addy over the phone.

    If they refuse remind them you have had problems the last near 2 weeks with Online gaming and you are not happy about that, and you want a refund on services. They will then gladly give you one for free :tongue:
    Edited by vwaskarb16_ESO on July 29, 2015 5:50PM
  • vwaskarb16_ESO
    Got SH2ac, and so far it has passed 1hr and no dc yet. In fact the latency is not so bad either.

    EDIT: So far so good just over 2hrs... safely say SH2ac indeed has no disconnect issues :)

    So when you call VM to get a refund on your services, swing for a free SH2ac because there is no telling how long they will take to change that firmware on the SH2, so may aswell get the newer one... they will waver the £20 charge if you say you would take that than a refund.
    Edited by vwaskarb16_ESO on July 30, 2015 6:35PM
  • GodParticle
    Short version....I live my life on a computer (programmer). just recently (past week) ALL online games (from computer, laptop, phone, ps3) disconnect after an matter what. I have done the port forwarding thing, I've even hooked my PC straight into the router - same issue...disconnects after an hour.

    BTW I have the 100mb download package...thats right, the expensive one...most expensive non-working package that Virgin Media have!

    So I chat to support...who were not helpful at all . SEE BELOW

    MARGARET WALDRON:disconnections

    17:01:44MARGARET WALDRON:hello

    [You're chatting with John.]
    17:02:03John:Hello you're through to John. How can I help?

    17:03:23MARGARET WALDRON:yes, I've had an engineer out today to look at my broadband (was getting 1/3 of my download speed - which is now fixed) but now, with any sort of online game, the connection drops almost exacly every hour
    17:04:02MARGARET WALDRON:I have looked on the internet and virgin media seems to have a real problem with this issue
    17:06:21MARGARET WALDRON:oh, and btw...I tried to go onto your community page....but its down! lol

    17:06:42John:I'm not aware of any problems when it comes to online gaming sorry. There may be some settings on your Superhub that you may need to change though in order to get a better connection, depending on what you're looking to do

    17:08:24MARGARET WALDRON:yeah...all the forum posts are guided towards the firmware update the superhub 2 has had...something to do with power levels on the line....NOT wifi about you do a quick search on google to see the VAST array of issues with regards to disconnects....

    17:09:11MARGARET WALDRON:and I have strangly just started to get them...
    17:09:30MARGARET WALDRON:so I cannot play any online games because of it

    17:09:46John:That could be due to your Superhub possibly being replaced by the previous engineer

    17:09:58MARGARET WALDRON:nope...he never replace it

    17:10:40John:I'd recommend opening ports on your Superhub, unfortunately this isn't something we support but there is alot of information on this online. We also have a step by step guide on how to carry this out online at , the port numbers though are only available online or from the game manufacturer

    17:11:00MARGARET WALDRON:I tried that....didnt fix it

    17:11:08John:From what I've heard and actually experienced myself with any disconnection when gaming online, opening the ports seems to resolve this

    17:11:28MARGARET WALDRON:as I have said...didnt fix it

    17:11:30John:Did you set your PC or game console up to a static IP address?

    17:11:39MARGARET WALDRON:yes

    17:11:56John:Does your general internet connection drop or is only when playing online?

    17:12:25MARGARET WALDRON:online gaming is not a constant connection, browsing the internet isnt
    17:12:40MARGARET WALDRON:movies disconnect
    17:13:03MARGARET WALDRON:any form of streaming disconnects...if its longer than an hour

    17:14:14John:Sorry but unless there is an issue with the general connection, which I can't see any issues I can only advise on the opening ports, DMZ etc. From my end your connection is perfect but I can understand with certain requirements when online gaming, this can be effected

    17:15:01MARGARET WALDRON:there IS an issue with the general connection!

    17:15:19John:If you're still having problems after setting your device to a static IP address then opening the ports and DMZ I can only suggest contacting the game manufacturer unfortunately. This is all we can suggest and with us not supporting the issue I have already advised alot more than I should

    17:15:41John:There isn't a problem with your general connection sorry, you don't have a problem with the connection dropping on any other device apart from when it's online gaming

    17:15:57MARGARET WALDRON:listen, I have tried port forwarding etc...this is obviously an issue suffered by MANY customers

    17:15:59John:I can also see your connection from my end and can see how good it's currently performing

    17:16:30MARGARET WALDRON:so are you saying that nobody is having this issue? AT ALL?
    17:17:05MARGARET WALDRON:and that im just having 'phantom' disconnects?

    17:17:28John:Of course any customer can suffer this issue, this isn't the connection that drops the online gaming but the requirements the game asks of your connection. Due to the security levels on your Superhub this can be blocked but doing what I advised above should resolve this

    17:17:41John:If not then contacting the games manufacturer will help you resolve this

    17:17:54MARGARET WALDRON:just because you are sitting in a room staring at a screen thats telling you 'everything is fine' and everyone else is wrong?
    17:18:19MARGARET WALDRON:you didnt just tell me to contact the games makers did you?

    17:18:37John:I certainly did, I've also advised you of a few steps you can try above to help with your online gaming
    17:19:26John:I also provided you with support articles which are available online at if you wish to look into this yourself. This also provides a step by step guide on how to open ports if need be

    17:19:56MARGARET WALDRON:wow...thank you! this is going onto your forums and facebook. No help whatsoever. I shall also be forwarding this on as an attachment to my complaint about your service

    17:21:07John:Sorry to hear that but as I advised we do not support online gaming issues as we only support issues that effect all of your devices. This doesn't as you're more than aware. If you did follow through with the instructions I advised though then you'd more than likely find out that it resolves your problem, if not I can guarantee you've either not put your device on a static IP address or opened it on your DMZ

    17:21:28John:Unfortunately though, we don't support this so I can't even do it for you to show you that this would work. Hope you get this fixed though!

    17:21:30MARGARET WALDRON:how doesnt this support all my devices?

    17:21:33John:Is there anything else I can do for you?

    17:22:43MARGARET WALDRON:what do you mean 'anything else you can help me with'? you havent helped at all!! tell you what, its after 5pm...go must have had a hard day
  • Seth_Black
    It's always hard to deal with Virgin.
    I'm running 150Mb on SuperHub 1 and I don't update any firmware EVER.
    'If something works, don't try to fix it'
    Only issue for me is lag when I won't restart SuperHub every day. It just tends to work slower.
    Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul.
    It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul
  • itsalatib16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Well I tried, didn't get very far. They insisted on going through all the motions again. They said it was the "services fault" for the disconnects. Even had them put a tech supervisor on and he said nothing is wrong with my SuperHub.

    When I mentioned it, he said they only have traffic shaping on their infrastructure and not on the SuperHubs.

    I insisted on trying to get a replacement and after a while of nagging he came out and said they only offer SuperHub 2ac to their 150mb customers and only offer like-for-like replacements so that wouldn't help me at all.

    At least I got a £10 goodwill gesture! Even though that doesn't come close to how much we pay for this.
  • vwaskarb16_ESO
    Goodwill Gesture you say, I would call Retentions up, and I guarantee they will give you a Shub 2ac.

    Never call normal Broadband techs up for anything like that.

    Once you tell them you are paying for a service which is being disruptive and paying for online gaming too, and you want a refund on the services... they will offer the Shub 2ac, because they don't want to refund you only to do it again the following month, and perhaps another month.
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