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Hogwarts House Traders - (brand new hp themed guild) Now Recruitinig!!!

Hello I am Freyja Headmistress and guild master of the Hogwarts House Traders. This is a brand new guild and so I am looking for members to join with me in celebrating both eso and hp together. This is a no requirement guild so you won't have to jump through any hoops with us to become a member of this guild. Anyone from newbies to vets can join us as I intend for this to be a guild where anyone who needs help can ask for it and somebody will give it. We don't care what you alliance is (though the guild is under dc just because I had to pick), what your class is or even your race! Everyone is welcome! We also have positions for those who would like to help out with the guild and become prominent members who help in leading and maintaining.

If you are interested in joining your can contact @jotunhiemr in the chat, sign up on our website, find us on face book under Hogwarts House Traders Guild or comment below with your in game account name and you will be sent and invite! Just make sure you state which house you would like to be sorted into. Likewise if you are interested in helping out with this guild please contact @jotunhiemr.

Hogwarts House Traders
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