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New Website [ESO Hub]: Full Offline Research Tracker

Soul Shriven
Good morning everyone,

I'd like to go ahead and put out a link to our new website, The Elder Scrolls Online Hub. It's still in development, but we're rolling out our full service Research Tracker for public use while we continue to develop the rest of the website. I've included some images wrapped in spoiler tags to keep the post size down initially, but click the spoiler tags to see the pages as I go over them.

So what does this do? Well, everything. Our website and forums are integrated, so you'll sign up for an account on our forums and it will redirect you to the page where you will input your character information. You can also add more characters later, but after creating your first character it will give you the option of enabling the research tracker.



The next page will ask you which skills you want to track (BS, CL, WW), your research reduction skill level, and if you want to receive text message notifications when research finishes. Then you will proceed to a page where you can notate every trait on every item that is currently complete, that you have current research in progress, items that you have stored for research and those items you still need to find.


After doing this, it will ask you to input the time remaining on any current research in progress. Our backend system will then convert the time remaining into a completion date and store it as your first set of items tracked. If you choose to receive text messages, our system checks all currently in progress research every 60 seconds and if any items completion time is reached between those 60 second intervals it will shoot out a text message to the number you provided telling you that it's done. It will also update your master research table to mark that item complete and increase your completed items count by 1 and reduce your pending item count by 1.

You'll have to input the status of each skill individually, due to the massive amount of information that has to be processed for each one. However, we've set it up to do both types of each skill at once, e.g. when you do Blacksmithing you'll input Heavy Armor and Weaponry at once. The pages where you fill in your information initially overwrite all values in your research table, so you can only do it once. We're implementing a feature to go back and edit by item if you make a mistake, but if something happens and you mark something wrong, you can send an email to our team and we'll fix it for you.

If your research skill changes while a research is in progress, the game automatically adjusts your research, and so does our Research Tracker. Once you update your skill level, it will automatically adjust all in progress research timers.

When your research finishes and you're ready to add another item, it does most of the work for you. You'll select which skill you want to add a timer for and the item type, then it will check which traits you've completed and display a list of available traits to research. If you've met your limit, it'll display a notice. Once you select the trait, it will again check your completed traits and calculate the research timer based on the number of traits you've researched for that item, your current research reduction skill, and if you're an ESO+ member. It will then display a confirmation page showing the character name, the skill, the item type, and the research time needed. Once you submit it, it will be added to your tracker and to our notifications system if you've elected to receive text messages.

Your overview page displays a progress bar showing completed and pending items for each skill, as well as research timers for each item currently being researched. In addition you have a by-skill page that will show you a grid of all traits on all items.


We hope you find this to be helpful for you, it started as a project to track our own progress, and evolved into something we wanted to share with the community.

You can access the main site at, clicking New User will take you to the forums to register, and then you can proceed as I outlined above to set up your research.

We have big plans for other features, we just have to balance playing this awesome game with developing the tools we want to provide, along with the rest of our responsibilities. Bear with us, and you'll see a massive amount of tools and content on ESO-Hub.

Also, everything on the website is mobile friendly. The research tables will need to be viewed in landscape mode, unless you want to scroll to the side, but other than that all content shrinks to mobile appropriately.

- Yarbs
(Founder, ESO Hub)
  • Yarbs
    Soul Shriven
    Hello everyone.

    Our first update since launch brings a few new things. On the nav bar you'll see I added the 'Crafting' menu, which for now allows you to access our three new features.

    First up, I added all the current sets for quick reference of stats / location. I'll add maps of the crafting stations soon. Once I get a chance to get on the PTS, I'll add the IC Sets.

    Next, I added two pages for Provisioning. One is just a list of all known ingredients and the generic source (Grocer, Loot). The second is a recipe search, which allows you to search by stat boost, quality, name, et cetera. Shows required ingredients and level. Nice quick-reference guide.

    Our biggest update is the Crafting Simulator. After cracking the code of stat scaling, I've managed to get a basic simulator going. You can select the skill / slot / trait / set and it'll generate the the item tooltip with correct stats. I'm still trying to figure out the exact scaling for improvement, but as soon as I do it'll be updated to include Fine, Rare, Epic and Legendary quality.


    Check out the sim at!

    As a side note, a lot of sets seem to be getting minor revisions in the IC update. So, I'll be periodically updating the simulator with the new bonuses as August goes on.

    Right now I'm working on getting the Champion System loaded into our databases, and then I'll move onto Skills. Once I've got the three (Crafting, Champion, Skills) done, I'll be developing a complete character / stat simulator. This may take a little while, but it is being actively worked on.
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