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ZONECHAT - Gaming Comedy Show!!!


Welcome Freaks!

Looking for something to laugh at or question humanity from? Look no further! ZoneChat is a Gaming Comedy Parody Talk Show inspired by the super helpful and insightful in-game chat room known as '/zonechat'. Featuring other games and topics the core of the shore is based on the wide range of derp that is seen in MOST IF NOT ALL in game public channels!

EVERY Friday night at 9pm est!!!

The show is brought to you LIVE on twitch! Hosted by the Crazy @TheMavShow & @Pinklatex you will be sure to facepalm and laugh with them!

Official Twitch Page:

Show is being held on @Pinklatex channel now!

For updates and future announcements from the show be sure to follow us on Twitter!!

Cast Twitter & Channels:


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