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The Aldmeri Wardens

Soul Shriven
Originally the Dryear Tylar in the time of Zamus, Tiadul and Ferathal Delagraht, though now since the takeover by Zathal Delagraht and his daughter Meriel, has become the Aldmeri Wardens, they share the traditions of the past order, being one that is lead by a healer, being Zathal, and that anybody can join them, providing they are up to the task.

The Wardens present themselves as more of a guidance force now, they train and give advice to the warden recruits they have, serving queen Ayrenn fiercely, many Wardens being known to have served her and protected her, now they serve as an assistance to the dominion, helping adventurers where they can.

Though this does not mean they are not a force to be reckoned with in Cyrodiil, there has been many great battles involving just one Warden or more, for example the Siege of fort Roebeck, and the defence of fort Alessia, they have more commonly presented a Bulwark in front of a sieged castle, cutting off reinforcements and fleeing enemies, once just six wardens stood alone on the bridge that separated a besieged Alessia from the reinforcing Pact army, they held that bridge for many a long passing hour, fighting off numbers greatly exceeding their own, until the siege at Alessia could be broken.

The ranks are lead by Zathal, Meriel, Raeneth and Huzir, though anybody wishing to become a warden must send a mail to either Zathal Delagraht or Meriel Delagraht.
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