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Imperial Legion IV

Soul Shriven
We are a newly founded Guild based in the Daggerfall Covenant Region. To be invited send me a message via the forums, or my PSN. These details can be found below.

Currently looking for General for Ebonheart + Dominion Areas

Linkin_La_Salle (PSN) - Please insure you are within the EU server.

We have all sorts of ranks, a few based upon rank but ca be obtained through activity these are the Offical Imperial Legion Ranks however there is one or two that will be added at around 100 members. We currently have 40 or so. We hope to obtain 50 in order to get the Guild Store are Heraldry can be found within the bank within Glenumbra.

The ranks are as follows. Currently looking for more officers.

Auxillary - New Member under the rank of 15. Has limited Access to features

Private - Level 15 More features given access to.

Queastor Level 25 More features accessible.

Praefect - Auto for V ranks. Can be gained by Activity

Tribune - Officer Chat given access to more features than Praefect

Legate - Veteran Officer trusted member helps with everyday workings of Guild

General - Head of certain Departments. Given access to all features except 1 highly trusted member second only to the Guildmaster.

4 Departments

Member Progression - High King

Events - Vacant

Questing - Vacant

PVE - Vacant
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